Devastating Teardown of Hurricane Matthew 2016

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Hurricane Matthew 2016 From Haiti, to the Bahamas and right through Florida then up the coast with intention of total destruction. I was on Facebook when the announcement came through of this Matthew thing brewing, ready to alter so many lives; If they made it through it. A hurricane in Florida isn’t the same as in Boston, Ma. Now I have been through a few hurricanes as a child. My hometown of Boston had a couple of big ones. I remember there was a huge tree that had some roots so large they spanned a big distance and some were covered in concrete. This tree was uprooted completely out. Other hurricanes and winter storms couldn’t do that. That was just one memory and experience with hurricanes. Have you been through a hurricane or other natural disaster in different climates? I would like to hear about it and add it to this post, you can do that here: Hurricane Matthew...

Harvest some Thanksgiving laughter, love, appreciation and create memories

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Visiting Thanksgiving Celebrations Around the US Thanksgiving marks the time where we begin harvesting from crops, gathering up all that nutrition and creating a huge feast with. I really enjoy learning what you do for different celebrations, holidays and other festivities. I have compiled a large selection of things related to Thanksgiving into this post. I got to learn about many things you do for Thanksgiving. Found a few new things I would like to try. Found some great sales going on in November too. Turkey, potatoes and peas, cranberry sauce and cookies, all these goodies we will eat up, and on the couch we will windup. ~ Though Turkeys are grateful for Vegetarians on Thanksgiving ;). Author unknown Some things about Thanksgiving I was looking for were: New recipes that I haven’t seen How different families celebrate Crafts that can be made Drinks to serve I like to also...

How the seasons relate to life

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Seasonal Things I Love and What It Means To Me Believe it or not as much as I hate the cold, I actually do like Winter, well ok the holidays that happen during the season really. Do you like or love all the seasons? Which is your favorite? I don’t really have a favorite and I wanted to do this topic because it really got me thinking about the seasons. What the seasons are, what happens during them and why. What festivities that occur and I wanted to remind myself the important parts of each season. I now live in Florida and we really don’t have four seasons like we do in Boston, my home-town. At least it seems like that to me, I am ok with that. I took a look at the seasons and I decided I wanted to embrace them all and recognize how important they are in my life. Fall – Autumn Fall has shown me that if I wanted to grow personally and professionally that I would need...