What this blog is about

What is this blog all about?

I know what you’re saying, geez not another blog; ugh! Don’t worry, it isn’t “just another blog”, it is The Blog that touches on various topics in life. It is The Blog that welcomes you and encourages you to help create a community of valuable opinionated yet productive conversations. It is The Blog where we want to share the space with and share your own conversation and you do not need to be a blogger to do so.

I don’t like to sugar coat life, I have many talents but playing various characters isn’t one of them. You will never see or hear me tell you what you want to hear, I will always tell you what you need or should be hearing instead.

I attack life with logic, thinking, playing out different ending scenarios, humor and I tend to err on the factual side.

I’m an observer, I people watch, even online. I am both right and left brained.

When a problem arises I turn off my emotions, frankly emotions will not solve or fix anything and it really tends to make it worse. I also tend to look for resolve both short term and long term, I mean who enjoys having the same problems occurring?

So you will see my views reflect this, how I react, what I do, think and say. I’m a well rounded person, I don’t close myself to just a few types of topics. I like to stay open-minded and hey I like to learn new things.

Topics will vary, however some topics you will not see here so much are; I may do a bi-monthly recap roundup of a few posts though.

  1. Health, Fitness and Nutrition – Here is where I go into great detail about these topics Tuned Up Body
  2. Parenting, Pregnancy and Children – Here is where I go into great detail on these topics Community Parenting Support
  3. Business and Event related topics are discussed here at Goody Bag Marketing
  4. Shopping related such as trends, sales, budgeting, reviews etc., is discussed in great detail here at Financially Shopping

So this blog will have more conversations about what is going on in our environment, guest blogs, my personal thoughts, things that make me happy, annoy me and other conversations that tend to keep me up at night and I need an adult conversation about it.

What I’m going for is to create a community of adults who like to have healthy adult conversations, the healthy debate, see other sides to a situation, hopefully enlighten and brighten your day. To create a community where we can voice our thoughts and feelings and share with each other. I hope you can find new friends within the community as well.

You can learn more about me here Marilyn Arriaga

Who is this blog for?

Anyone can read and join the conversation. If you’re looking to just spew negativity and hate, this isn’t the place. If you are wanting to find a place where conversations and connections are made, this is the place to be.

This is your space too

This space is open to you as well! Would you like to start a conversation here? Do you want to share a life experience with us? You do not need to be a blogger and you don’t even have to use your real name :).

Why should you sign up for recaps of conversations we have here?

It would make my day. JK, really I know that sometimes I come across a conversation and I skim through and I’m like, dang I wish I had time to fully participate in that conversation! But life happens, we have schedules and we may not have time at that exact moment. However by signing up for our updates, you can then come and join a conversation when Your Time permits.

Who are you?

So tell me about you. What makes you happy? What are three things that you consider your pet peeves or things that others do that annoy you? How do you treat yourself? What is your ideal work week like?

Marilyn Arriaga loves to see people enjoying life. How are you enjoying life, let her know!
Marilyn Arriaga loves to see people enjoying life. How are you enjoying life, let her know!
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