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Random Acts Of Kindness – Keeping Humanity Alive

I’ve been people watching….. On social media and in person. I notice that over the last five – ten years we as a whole are changing. Change is good, sometimes though it isn’t.

In my observation we seem to be in a divide, some are in the “Me, Me, Me” mindset and lifestyle while the other half is in the “Hey, you exist too; You matter just as much as I do!

Which crowd are you in?

I enjoy helping out others, many times I do it too much. I am always looking for that happy medium balance.

52 Week Random Acts Of Kindness Challenge


My team and I put together these Random Acts Of Kindness Cards for us to do this challenge together. I love how the design came out, what do you think?

What do you think? Will you join in on the 52 Week Random Acts Of Kindness? I know that it is better if we did things like this every day. For some of us, we can’t do it daily. So, let’s start off with doing at least one thing per week for someone else. You will get 52 weeks suggestion cards total to choose from.

Go out into your neighborhood and be kind to someone. Be sure to share this so that others can also join in. 

Here is a great example of Random Act Of Kindness in action.

This crossing guard hands the kids snacks, he does this all on his own. This is great, because these kids last meal is around 10:30AM – 11:00AM and they don’t get home until around 2:30PM – 3:00PM. After a long walk home, these kids get home really hungry and tired. Some of these kids barely have food for the month. I’m so glad that he is helping these kids get a little boost for all that homework they have to do.

How To Get Your Weekly Random Acts Of Kindness Suggestions

  1. Click the photo preview below and request your download
  2. Confirm with us that yes you are excited to get your free Random Acts Of Kindness Cards
  3. Download your Kindness cards on your computer where it is easy to find
  4. Print out the cards at your convenience on Card Stock
  5. Each week pull out a card and do what it says on the card.
  6. Share your experiences using the hashtag #sbdrak I would love to see what you are doing for others.
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Click This Photo To Get Your Random Acts Of Kindness Suggestion Cards

RAK, RAOK, Random Acts Of Kindness Suggestion Cards.

If you would like to send us photos and videos of Random Acts Of Kindness in action, we would love to post it! The more we see this in action, the more it becomes normal and habit. Marilynprteam@gmail.com

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