How the seasons relate to life

Seasonal Things I Love

and What It Means To Me

Believe it or not as much as I hate the cold, I actually do like Winter, well ok the holidays that happen during the season really.

Do you like or love all the seasons? Which is your favorite? I don’t really have a favorite and I wanted to do this topic because it really got me thinking about the seasons.

What the seasons are, what happens during them and why. What festivities that occur and I wanted to remind myself the important parts of each season.

I now live in Florida and we really don’t have four seasons like we do in Boston, my home-town. At least it seems like that to me, I am ok with that.

I took a look at the seasons and I decided I wanted to embrace them all and recognize how important they are in my life.

Seasonal Meanings

Fall – Autumn

Fall has shown me that if I wanted to grow personally and professionally that I would need to shed various things in my life.

It is a true time of transition.

I would need to allow myself space, openness and to look at all the colorful aspects of life and what lies before me.

Just like the leaves and flowers begin to “die” off and take a break from the world before being renewed, we as people should also be doing the same.

Sitting down and putting together a plan for the next year seems to be a great thing to do in the Fall.

Taking a breather from life in general and do some self renewal is another great Fall activity to do.

The things we do in the Fall are also fun. The air is crisper, we can notice how it isn’t so thick and even through allergy season the air seems cleaner, especially if you aren’t in the busy city.

Fun activities to do in the Fall for me are checking out all the colors the leaves and flowers change to. I like to also go and handpick tasty fruits like apples and make foods with them. Ok, so technically I can’t view the nice colors in person anymore, but that is where you come in! In the comments or on my FB page you can post some amazing scenic photos so I can see your cool environment.

I really like Halloween! Right now it is the first week of September but I already have been checking out and trying to convince my family I need to start decorating, since August! I love everything Halloween.

Veterans Day is also in the Fall. This is an important day for me because there have been thousands of people who literally sacrificed their entire life for me. They sacrificed being away from their family, their friends, their entire being. This to me is really special. I am proud of you all who serve, I know I couldn’t do it. SO I do serve the community in ways that I can, it definitely doesn’t equate to what you do, but I just don’t sit around not serving someone at least.

Thanksgiving Day – This is a very special day for me, I will talk about why in another post very soon and update this post to link to it. Thanksgiving for me is a time for really appreciating what every single part of the world provides for me. That means trees, food, water, wind, everything including all the people. Have you really sat down and thought really deeply about our entire being, our entire environment? How the circle of life is?

Thanksgiving is Life for me. We get to take out time to really spend time with family and friends, holding those extremely close to us. We show our love, our thanks and really appreciate them for being with us and being a part of our life.

For me, without what the world provides us for food, water, shelter and companionship with both humans and animals, there really would be no point to life. And without food and water we wouldn’t be alive.

Taking these vital things for granted on a daily basis. Thanksgiving for me is a time where we can honor, appreciate and respect what we have here.

The festivities for the Fall season is vibrant, it is life, it is transition, it is reflection it is a really great season when we can break it all down and look for the meaning. The festivities that happen in the Fall has more meaning when we can do this.

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Winter can be cold, when I lived in Boston I hated Winter but only enjoyed that one holiday called Christmas.

Now living in Florida, our “Winter” is really Boston’s Spring. I have been able to see Winter in a different “light”.

Not only are there another set of really great holidays such as Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa but it is also a time to lay to rest all the old things that happened during the year.

Some people become depressed, which I can understand, it can be depressing having to stay inside because otherwise you will freeze! Other people take a look around them and see their environment in negative ways. They see what seems to be dead trees and plants. Not taking into consideration the transformation that is happening underneath.

Until I moved to Florida, Winter was just cold and a time that really didn’t encourage life to happen.  Since moving to Florida Winter is different now, I can still enjoy life. It isn’t freezing outside, it can get chilly here, just not like where I grew up.

I can take a look at Winter and say, look even the trees and plants do a complete reset in their life cycle. Nature has its own way of doing things but we as humans should be using our own natural settings that we were born with.

Winter can be a time to lay to rest things that no longer serve us and this is exactly what I do. I’m not necessarily doing the whole ‘new year, new you” trend, actually that annoys me when people do it. They don’t properly plan for it, most don’t stick to it. I think it is because they jumped on this wagon that has loose wheels.

Remember when I said in the Fall is when I begin laying out my plans, goals and strategizing for the new year? This is when I begin the “new year, new you” process. Winter time allows me to set up the necessary things, putting into place what I need to. It allows me to start working on those habits I have set myself up for in the Fall.

It allows me to neutralize everything that was going on all year long. I can evaluate in depth, analyze and reorganize what I need to that will help implement my plans and goals that I set up in the Fall.

Then there are the holidays! I really L♥ve December, it has really cool holidays. Besides Thanksgiving the December holidays are truly the best holidays ever created.

I know some say they hate it because they don’t have family to spend it with, but while the main focus of the holidays are with family; who says family has to be blood related!

The food, the decor, the togetherness and other aspects of the holidays is and will always be what you make it. I’ve never had the opportunity to spend Christmas with family as most seem  to do, such as Mother and Sister, I got it maybe three times, literally in my entire adult life. It wasn’t my decision, it just was/is like this.

The only blood related people I spend Christmas with are my children. They are young, only one right now is an adult.

It is the Fall season right now as of writing this and I am already thinking about a very full of life, live tree and what types of decorations I want to do for the holidays! I am the only one who truly enjoys and loves to decorate, I mean if it were up to me I would be that crazy neighbor you would hate. The lawn would be nice and colorful and full of cheerful decorations.

Christmas and Halloween are my favorite times of the year. They are full of fun, laughter and more. Ok, Halloween has the added scaring factor but still, who denies it isn’t fun?

During the Winter time I also enjoy watching others embrace it too. I love seeing your Hanukkah pictures and videos, I love seeing your Kwanzaa pictures and videos, I get to see how you celebrate love and unity.

I think I would still celebrate them even if I was by myself. I don’t need or require anyone to be in my life that doesn’t want to be. I also wont or try not to force myself to be in someones life just so that I am not alone. I am ok with being alone. Of course being with others is excellent however I wont let that factor of being with people or being alone determine or define whether I like or am into any holiday or celebration.

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I invite you to also do the same. I want you to know that you can really enjoy life even if you have no family or a very limited circle of friends. Don’t allow yourself to be or live in misery. If you are depressed seek help, it is OK.

How do you spend the Winter-time? Is it when you begin thinking about the next year? Do you participate in self-pity? Do you become proactive in self love and self improvement?


WHOO HOO! Spring time, who doesn’t like the newness, the refreshing and blooming life in their environment?

Have you ever thought of this time really being of life? As in so many babies are born both animals and humans? Flowers, plants tress and more. Death isn’t so prominent as it is throughout the year. It is a time of balance and bringing to life our world, our environment and behaviors.

Spring time for me is a time of really getting into the routine and rhythm of moving further along in my goals. Working towards making a strong impact in my life.

As I look around at nature, I am reminded of my own natural talents, gifts and abilities and how am I using them to serve myself and others. How I can create life for myself and others. Nature does this every single day, without being asked or told to, they just do it. They use their talents, gifts and abilities to serve ALL those around them in their environment.

There are some good holidays during the spring-time and they all are similar as to what spring time resembles. New life, renewal and “springing” yourself towards meeting your goals. I really do not celebrate the holidays or celebrations that are in the Spring, I know, understand and respect them all though. They definitely serve a greater purpose that is important in life.

I think in the Spring, I am just too busy making sure I do my part in this fast moving world. I mean before I even realize it, it is Winter-time again! I really do enjoy you taking that time and breather to celebrate though. It warms my soul ha-ha :).

Spring gives us Inspiration


So now we land on Summer :). This is a get into very high gear and really push through towards getting half way to mostly accomplished goals. Usually by the end of Summer I like to be close to meeting goals or have met and or exceeded my goals for the year.

I know, many say it is a time to slow down, many kind of stop and close up shop. I don’t, I still do lots of family related activities and Summer for me is really focused and scheduled. I sort of don’t have much flexibility as I allot myself the rest of the year.

Summer time is really hot. It makes you sweat. This is kind of natures way of telling me that I need to be “hot” aka work hard, sweat and keep going no matter how big of a puddle I create. At the end of being hot, sweaty and working hard I can harvest all that I have sowed.

Summer here in Florida can be brutal though. It can feel like I am cooking sometimes. We look for activities that can be done indoors for the most part. I think the only outdoors thing we do is a huge beach party for the Fourth Of July celebrations. This is when my family joins at least four other families for a huge celebration, it is more like family to us though.

Now living in Florida I visit the beach as often as I can. In the summer it is great, I can even work on articles and other types of content on the beach. The only exception is right now I have a very curious one year old that makes sure I never bring my work to the beach ha-ha.

Summer for me equates to fifty percent work and fifty percent fun and family time. I divide it up in half because during the year I pretty much have a semi schedule of how I balance it all. It is cooler during the rest of the year which makes it easier to do outside family activities.

So how about you? Do the seasons have meaning to you? What kinds of things do you do in each season?

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